Ruler Dynasty InfoTech Pvt Ltd offers professional web site maintenance in Amritsar, India. Web site maintenance service basically refer to your web site up to date in means of company news, latest developments, investor relations, company financial results, new project deals. Website maintenance is quite vast. Website maintenance includes all aspects of web site designing and website development, which includes the browser compatibility is one of the most important topic in this. The corporate architecture of your website design and elements handling.
There is no point in developing a website if it is not going to be updated. Our solutions are geared towards meeting your website maintenance requirements. Small, Medium or Large website, we can maintain them all. Currently, we are successfully maintaining over 70 websites. We have a collective experience of 5 years in maintaining websites. Yet, our website maintenance fees is very competitive.
We are a full service website development firm in Vancouver Canada and have offerings for web design, web development, e-commerce solutions, website redesign, regular updates, shopping cart solutions, online showroom concepts. We work equally well on interactive as well as static sites- we have the expertise and our work speaks for itself. Apart from this every site always need some kind of attention on regular basis like content Management, Content changes, Page addition, New applications Etc. And E-commerce application always need maintenance service for smooth functioning.
We are committed to long term relationships in Stylus and are interested in building web applications and managing them. Our Web Site Maintenance team works during international working hours servicing client applications.
If you feel that you will not make many changes to your website over time, we can provide maintenance services.

If you believe you will be making regular changes to your website over time, you can save money by purchasing a website maintenance contract. A maintenance contract is for a one year term, and is non-refundable. The monthly charge for maintenance is based on the size of your website at the time the contract is signed. A maintenance contract allows you to update an online newsletter, to highlight different services on a rotating basis, or to promote time sensitive programs, services or workshops.