With our chicken scratch notes, we sit at the round table. Allowing us to collectively think about all the aspects involved in the task at hand. Different ideas from our marketing team, unique ideas from our creative people and of course our programmers.
This process is also known as the “braindump” and literally that is exactly what it is. We jot down every possible option, choice, path, perspective, flavour, colour, texture and smell possible. Ideas that range from boring to hot, unique and the “so-not”.
Time Line & Budget
Affectionately known as TLB, this stage is crucial in creating the road map (or maps) needed to the final destination. With it, a marker of of dates to start a project, the influential stages are noted and most importantly the investment involved in executing and completing the project as a whole.
Work, Work, Work
Bees are busy building hives as ant are their anthills. We’re frantically sketching, drawing, painting, scanning, digitizing, creating, coffee breaking, animating, adding code, measuring progress, coding some more, reviewing notes, working, working and working some more.
And we’re done.